We create a college experience for alternate learners.

The SLC is a community program which enables alternate learners to participate in a rewarding college experience. We welcome students of varying abilities such as individuals with visual or hearing impairment, spinal cord injuries, Down syndrome, Autism, Traumatic Brain Injury, speech and language disabilities, disabled veterans and stroke survivors. The SLC does not just serve individuals with developmental disabilities, but all students interested in continuing their education within the community. OPWDD eligibility not required. Learn about the positive, social classroom environment at SLC.


The Successful Learning Center (SLC) was established in 2008 by inspired educators who share the belief that post-secondary education is a realistic and accessible life choice for all. 


The mission of the SLC is to integrate all students into a welcoming collegiate environment, facilitate learning, promote social growth and foster intellectual curiosity.


We believe that learning for life is the natural next step.​ All SLC classes are developed to reinforce existing academic skills, enhance social interaction with traditional students and to promote work readiness.

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Our success at SLC is entirely due to the dynamic, caring and excellent team members who put their skill, hearts and devotion into creating the most social, engaging and fulfilling college experience for our students.

Meet the Team.


Four Basic Principles

These four basic principles are the foundation of our educational program: 

  1. Everybody has the capacity to learn.

  2. Learning continues throughout life, without stopping. 

  3. Through learning, people continue to grow, develop and flourish. 

  4. The most effective learning requires the best teachers with thoughtfully developed courses, held in a respectful, supportive and stimulating environment.

Clary Garden

Clary Garden is a non profit organization founded by SLC co-founders, Sheri Cappello and Melinda Placanica. Through fundraising, its mission is to provide students the means to accomplish their educational goals.