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We met with Sheri Cappello, and we agree, the SLC is the place to be! We would like to participate in the program.

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Are you currently utilizing or in the process of accessing Self Direction?

**Application fee: $300.00 - This is a onetime only charge which encompasses initial consultation, program observation and student processing into the program. Please note, this fee is not covered in a Self Direction Plan.

Due to the Coronavirus crisis, the Successful Learning Center is temporarily reducing this fee to $50.00

Once we have received this form, we will begin to process your information. You will receive an email Welcome Packet from our administrative office, which highlights pertinent information about the program and a request for any additional forms necessary to set up the student account.

Within 7 days you will receive a call by Annette Earl, our Director of Student & Family Services. Annette is your contact for funding or Self Direction. She will discuss your individual needs, calculate a yearly estimate and review your payment options.

Over the following weeks we will be working to ensure the information received is accurate and we will be corresponding with you regarding any additional documents needed.

Students will be unable to register for classes until this process is complete and the application fee is paid.

Welcome to the Successful Learning Center, we are looking forward to an exciting and fun semester!

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