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Our positive, social, immersive environment.
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The college experience at SLC includes a variety of courses on and off campus.

Academic Mentorship has been established to support and enhance our students’ academic and collegiate experience. 

The mentors we choose to be part of the SLC program are the most accomplished, outgoing, involved students on the campus...members of Greek life, sports teams, dance teams, art clubs—students who can bring unique perspectives and fun interactions to the SLC classroom. Mentors may be matched with a particular student or work as a group playing a role in unifying students and creating a dynamic, social classroom environment. 


There is one requirement for those who mentor at Successful Learning Center. They must be spectacular. And they are. Meet our mentors, and see why they love working at SLC. ​

Learn more about the Academic Mentorship... 

The purpose of Academic Mentorship is to ensure a smooth transition for students attending Successful Learning Center classes and SLC activities based on campus and in the community. The Successful Learning center model’s empathic, respectful, contemporary teaching theory and practice, our mentors support our mission for academic and social success.

The role of the mentor is to encourage our students to participate and learn to the best of their ability while in class. They can assist with note taking, encourage class interaction and may assist the student complete assignments. In addition, the mentor will act as a liaison between students in our program and students on campus to foster a strong social component within the community.  

Our mentors are carefully selected based on a variety of criteria. They are traditionally college age students or recent college graduates. Mentors may be used at the beginning of a semester to allow a student time to acclimate to the new environment or they may be used throughout a semester as a consistent support system. 

Our mentors are not aides or nurses and cannot act as a substitute for a student who needs medical personnel or replace an attended caregiver for daily living.  Academic Mentors cannot administer any medical or physical assistance. They are not trained in first aid and cannot administer any medication. They cannot assist with bodily necessities or advise in any medical capacity. If at any time a student is in medical distress the Academic Mentor is responsible for calling campus Security or 911 for assistance only.  

Additional information is available upon request.

*Academic Mentorship. The program supports academic and social growth in class, on campus and in the community. The SLC offers Academic Mentorship as peer to peer support designed to help students who may need assistance. The rate is $27.00 per hour.  

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